The Art Of April-Anna

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April-Anna (born Dec.17, 1978, in Mission, BC, Canada), is a long standing, self taught artist from a small community in the Nicola Valley where she spent her teens in the province of BC. She later moved back to the Vancouver area for many years to work on her career. She is now residing in Montreal.

April-Anna believes in a dream of a brighter humanity, where we all work together to benefit the healing of not only mankind as a whole, but also the planet we live on. She sees her artwork as the medium through which she can achieve this vision, and often inspires others around her.

She has had contracts for such companies as Cirque Du Soleil, Harmony Elementary School , Milton Park Centre Children’s Day Camp, Molson Canadian Concerts, Trojan Condoms, Club Soda, Casino de Montreal, CLSC, Ondecuko Circus, Western Star, The Okanagan Adventure Company, Parent Teacher Association of West Bank and more. She has also done Fashion Face & Body Painting work Fashion Designers; Pixie Logik (a Vancouver & China based company) and Gypsy Circus ( Montreal based company).

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